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Security Guard Company Houston Texas (TX)

Security guard company Houston Texas (TX)

(888) 536-4583 | Security guard company Houston Texas (TX) – Security guards, bodyguards, armed guards, private investigators

Security Guard Company Houston, TX

Security for your business is important not only for the safety of your business assets but also for your employees and customers. Businesses are a target for criminals for the volumes of cash collected on a daily basis or the merchandise being handled in the business. You need to hire a security guard company Houston, TX that will provide your business with the security it needs.

When choosing a security guard company, ask around from other companies or business partners for recommendations on the companies in the area. Getting firsthand account from other individuals who have worked with the company can give you a good idea of what to expect in their service delivery and efficiency. You can get unbiased and truthful accounts of what the security guard company can do.

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You should visit a couple of security guard companies before settling on the one you want. Have some one on one interaction with the manager, ask questions about the company, have a look at the resources that they have and even possibly meet a couple of the security guards Houston TX. You can ask all the important questions, check out their credential and documentation and get a chance to experience the quality of their customer service.

Finally, it is advisable to consider the kind of security systems that you need and choose a security company that can provide it. Do you need armed guards Houston TX, unarmed guards or personal security detail? Choose a company that can deliver to your security needs and in the numbers, that you need.

 Advanced Security Guard Company Houston Texas

Welcome to USPA Houston – your trusted source for all comprehensive security services. We are a leading security guard company Houston Texas offering a wide range of services for your organization or business. We help individuals and businesses identify and prevent security problems. Our security guards and consultants will assess your needs and develop a solution that best addresses all your issues.

Our services are specially designed to meet your needs. We partner with our clients to identify their security loopholes and determine goals. USPA Security will offer solutions that are economical and easily manageable. We utilize cutting edge technology to deliver unmatched solutions needed by your business to attain its goals. Our private investigators Houston Texas will provide you a confidential and private service that is beyond your expectations. We offer outstanding protection for your people, property and personal belongings. We will give you complete peace of mind when you trust us with every aspect of security in your organization, event or office building.

Armed and unarmed security personnel

USPA Security offers licensed and insured unarmed security guards Houston Texas. Our guards are licensed in the state of Texas to provide the security services you desire. Whether you need uniformed personnel for your event or office building, we promise to deliver the best in the state. Our staff will ensure your clients, visitors and employees are well taken care of and properly safeguarded.

We select our security personnel based on factors such as their level of experience, skill and aptitude. Some of our officers are multilingual allowing ease of communication with staff and visitors. When you visit us with your security needs, we promise to strive and find the right fit. We want to ensure our clients continuity of security personnel that’s why we place special importance on employee screening and training. Our company’s turnover rate is among the lowest in the Houston area. We have a team of officers on standby who are ready to step in.

All our security officers undergo thorough background checks, drug testing, criminal record screening and finger print checks. We only hire licensed and trained security personnel. Our in-house training encompasses key areas such as fire safety, public decorum, surveillance techniques, search and rescue. We do this to ensure the security guards Houston Texas we hire are all rounded and able to fit all kinds of situations.  USPA Houston comprises of an elite group of officers with law enforcement and military background. Other than that, we have cutting edge technology that allows us to closely manage our officers and meet clients’ demands.

Security patrols

USPA Houston is a leading provider of long and short term security patrol services in Houston Texas. We have marked and unmarked patrol vehicles to ensure your property and people are adequately protected. You can relax and enjoy peace of mind knowing that we will be your eyes and ears. Our patrol officers are experts in their corresponding fields. Our armed guards Houston Texas are fully prepared to meet and resolve any issue they come across, at any time.

Executive/ close protection services

If you ever need plain clothes officers to protect your VIP clients during an event, we have highly trained and experienced staff. We’ve hired former police officers and military personnel to provide the best close protection service. Our bodyguards Houston Texas are not only trained and experienced but also very professional in appearance and demeanor. We promise to maintain confidentiality and privacy when offering any of our security services.

Highly qualified bodyguards Houston Texas

At USPA Houston, we take pride in offering superior quality bodyguard services. All of our bodyguards are fully trained and qualified to address the security needs that are set before them. We have unarmed and armed guards Houston Texas in our team. They have worked for the US army and other law enforcement agencies in the States.

Our bodyguards are trained to protect public figures, private individuals, celebrities and even heads of state. We also have special agents who are very hands on when it comes to security tasks. When you hire USPA Houston, get ready to receive quality protection at all times. We have a responsive management team that will fulfill your needs immediately. Our team of security officers on standby are ready to serve you in emergency situations. When you need backup, call our bodyguards to help you meet your security needs.

Consulting and risk assessment

We have a team of professional security advisors who are prepared to review your situation and address specific needs related to security concerns. Through our security consulting service, we identify and assess any existing and anticipated security risks to determine the unique needs of a client. USPA Houston is prepared to implement innovative security plans to give our clients immediate solutions.

Through risk assessment, we are able to identify a client’s unique needs and develop an integrated solution that best addresses them. We combine the best technology with a team of highly experienced and trained staff to develop optimal solutions that meet client’s budget. Whether you need us to evaluate your existing security, perform key staff interviews or develop standard operating procedures for security services, our consultancy team is ready to help. We have continuously reviewed different security systems and services in Houston and we’ll be happy to address your emerging needs.

Why Choose US?

USPA Security provides a full range of security services to the people and businesses that call Houston home. Our extensive experience allows us to develop integrated solutions that are not only effective but also affordable for clients. From the small retailer who is trying to keep off shop lifters to the manufacturing industry which needs 24/7 surveillance, no security need is too small or big for us.

USPA Houston – Security guard company Houston, TX – security guards, bodyguards, armed guards, private investigators


Providing security services to the following:

  • Corporate Outings
  • Retail Shops
  • Shopping Centers
  • Construction Sites
  • Warehouses
  • Estate Security
  • Private Parties
  • Sporting Events
  • Government Facilities

Each USPA Branch Office is independently owned and operated. This website and the trademark licensee information on it do not constitute an offer to sell a franchise. Jaguar Security & Investigations Corp dba USPA Nationwide Security of Houston, TX is licensed by the State of Texas, License #C17341.

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